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I don't post many reviews but it's not often I see such a welcoming staff whenever dealing with physical therapy. Their expertise and care for me as an individual not just a patient were top-notch. I highly recommend this facility.
Brandon Nash
I was very satisfied with the care my father received from riviera palms.. I have no complaints.
Matt Forsythe
Staff was very kind and attentive during my grandmother’s stay.
Kaitlin Mohar
Took good car of my loved one when I wasn’t there. I appreciate the service they provided.
James Madison
Im very happy with the services my loved one received here. All the employees were great to work with and truly cared about her recovery. I highly recommend this place. The facility was very clean and well maintained.
Noah Spicer
I’m happy with the amount of care and support my loved one has when they went here for rehab. Thank you Riviera!
Marquese James
I’m happy with the rehab services my loved one received and the nursing staff is so kind.
Tyeisha Robinson
I’m very impressed with the quality of physical therapy provided for my loved one and the nursing staff is so kind
Ashley W
The service and care is absolutely phenomenal! Everyone is so thoughtful and kind. If I could give a 10 stars instead of 5 I would!
Wendolyd Guajardo
had to send my loved one here for short term rehab and the nurses and physical therapists were phenomenal. Very much appreciate their hard work
Bobby Dickerson
My grandpa was at this center and I really appreciated the physical therapy and nursing staff services. Thank you!
LifeWithLeslie 21
My mom has been treated like a Queen here I have never ever found her not clean and always feed..and her nurses are amazing and all of the staff is so happy to help…
Debra Benjamin
I recommend the physical therapy dept and the nursing staff was great. I recommend their services and care
Bryan Carver
I had to send my loved one here for short term rehab and was really happy with the quality of care the nurses and physical therapists had for my family. ❤️❤️❤️I’m pretty happy with everything they did for us. Definitely recommend!!!!
Angela Garza
Great communication, well run would highly recommend.
Phillip Ray Jr.
The facility, staff, and physical therapy department is top notch! Nothing but great things to say.
Natalka Tyniec
My son needed more attention than we anticipated after having multiple surgeries and were told Riviera palms rehab was a great place for that. The facility was extremly clean and state of the art and the staff were wonderful and had us updated about his progress around the clock. I will recommend this facility to all my closest family members and friends.
Dave Hunt
I had a family member staying there and the staff was very friendly and made her stay very comfortable. I appreciate all they did.. 5 stars...
Ricardo Baker
Excellent facility! Everyone is professional and friendly
Drew Moore
A1 service. Good customer service. All is well. Would recommend to everyone I know.
Saud Ali
Wonderful facility with incredible staff!
Montanna Williamson
Highly recommend this facility!
Kiara Castro
Helped so much with a family member of mine. Superb care! Really great facility with a wonderful staff.
Nicholas Scialdone
I highly recommend the rehab facility, specially the the physical therapy services that they offer. The nurses there are so kind and understanding. Thank you for everything.
ericka garcia
I recommend the physical therapy services the facility has to offer for my loved one and I loved the super kind nursing staff and communication we had!!!
Chris Rivera
I had to send my loved one here for physical therapy and the rehab services were great. The nursing staff and rehab staff are so kind.
Patricia Castro
I recommend Riviera Palms Rehab Center for inpatient rehabilitation! The staff are attentive, friendly and professional.
Amy Torres
I highly recommend this facility for any physical therapy needs. It gives you peace of mind when you know your loved ones are under such great care. The communication with staff and everyone was super easy. Everyone was really sweet and nice. Their physical therapy department is super resourceful.
Jose Roque
I had to send my loved one here not too long ago and the service was phenomenal. They were so kind to answer all my questions and schedule a tour for me. Their physical therapy dept was great. I’m super satisfied with the care they provided to my loved one and my family. I recommend riviera palms for sure!
Christian Bañuelos
Great facility with attentive and skilled staff. My grandmother spent some time here and received excellent care.
Sonia Castillo
I highly recommend Riviera Palms Rehab Center for inpatient rehabilitation! The staff are attentive and professional, the food is excellent, and they resolve any concerns you may have right away. Everyone is very dedicated to the outcomes of the patients.
Tracy Greene
The rehab team here is amazing. Great leadership that allows each person to meet their goals and break through barriers. This team never gives up on anyone and drives you to get better
Taylor Holt
I am most impressed with the level of care I received at Riviera Palms Rehab Center. Everyone was professional and yet friendly and most helpful in my recovery. Each person operated at a level of excellence that I truly appreciated. It inspired me to work hard and make progress at a fast rate. I also appreciated their sense of humor. Sometimes laughter is the best medicine. Everyone worked well together which made my experience even more pleasant. They were most helpful in teaching me the exercises and movements that I needed to recover. I can’t thank them enough for the level of care I received.
Joey Szabo
The leadership in this building is above the rest. The passion the employess have for quality of care you will not find in any other facility.
Tricia Russo
This facility is centrally located in Palmetto and caters to families that are unable to care for their loved ones at home. The staff is caring and work diligently to take care of all the needs for the residence (like their own family). The center is clean and the meals are good (just like home). The therapy department is awesome, the residence really enjoy their time with the staff.
Cindy Jarvis
WOW what a therapy dept! Very nice facility and friendly staff. If you are looking for short stay rehab or long term care this is the place.
Woodie Lee Jr
I began working at Riviera Palms in May, every person I have worked with has been amazing. Every one is so friendly and willing to help out when needed. When survey came in the building we all pulled together and had a very successful outcome. We are a 5 star facility with top notch care provided including our therapy services - which I have been working in nursing homes for 12 years and it’s one of the largest rehab gyms I have seen.
Rachel Wheeler
The Director of Nursing at Riviera Palms is top notch. She runs a tight ship while making sure the care of the patients and her staff comes first. If you need a place to have a loved one rehab, this is the place to be.
Whitney Barkey
My mother is there and it is such an amazing place. There is new management and they really have stepped up the game in care and compassion. The building is clean and beautiful, no smells like other nursing homes. The staff is friendly and helpful. I really feel like they care for her like family.
Maria Gergle
An entirely new management team has helped to change the culture at Riviera Palms and truly make it Resident driven care.
Heather Veatch; Our Giving Hands, LLC
Riviera Palms has an awesome management team! One of the largest therapy gyms in the area offering therapy 7 days a week. Beautiful court yard and plenty of daily activities to keep the Residents engaged.
Courtney West
My husband, a long term resident, has been in the facility since June 2018. Rehab is one of the best in the area. Nursing care and aids are always available and everyone from reception desk to cleaning staff genuinely care with a positive attitude. The building is older but clean with no bad odors. The Activity Dept offers various programs to engage all levels of care. Admitting a loved one especially long term care is an extremely hard decision. Riviera Palms makes it as stress free as possible. I have never second guessed our decision. I would highly recommend Riviera Palms . .
Mary Carey
This is a true team with excellent leadership. Recent family shared their experience from a frightening hospital stay to the initial phone contact in the admission process to obtaining managed care authorization and a week stay to get Dad back on his way home safely, They excelled in all areas. Thanks for a great job and being part of a "team of excellence".
Linda Diet
Such a beautiful building with a very kind and caring team of health care professionals. I highly recommend Riviera Palms Nursing and Rehab to care for your family member. You have to take a tour to really experience the difference.
Tom O'Neill
Riveria Palms is a beautiful Center with warm and caring staff. a huge gym with quality therapists ready to serve your needs. If you need Short term rehab or Long Term care pls call Riveria Palms.
charles bell
Awesome staff who took great care of my mother for 9 days after her surgery. They are government rated FIVE STAR! I have seen the bad nursing homes. This place rocks
Scotty Ledford
This facility has the LARGEST and BRIGHTEST gym and inspires me to get moving more!! Riviera Palms offers Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapy and will get you or your loved one to the most independent state possible. I strongly recommend Riviera Palms for short term rehabilitation OR long term care. This Team is caring and compassionate and I rate them FIVE STARS!!!!
Monica Greenlaw
Our beloved Grandma Rose passed away peacefully. Always so loving and attentive even into her precious final days, we witnessed a beautiful exchange of compassion and love for Grandma Rose. We are sincerely grateful for the tender loving care from the staff at Riviera Palms rehabilitation center. Iris, Gretchen, Rebecca & Suzanne her angels on earth. During her wonderful life Grandma Rose found ultimate fulfillment in family. She will forever be in our hearts and deeply missed.
Roseann D'Amore Battipaglia
The staff has been more attentive than any other hospital or hospice center our family has used. Yes, the entire staff is excellent. The rehab center is designed for exactly what it's used for. The only downside to the facility is it needs some serious remodeling done from the inside. Don't get me wrong, it's just as clean as a hospital and doesn't smell. I'm giving them 5 stars though, because the amount of care, activities and rehab attentiveness astounds me. Good job staff keep up the great work.
Doug G
My fiance was a patient for almost 2 months. the therapy department was awesome. he left there so optimistic about returning to indendent living style. The dietary department tried hard to accomodate his picky eathing problems. the nursing staff were all kind and met his needs. the Laundry manager was superb in keeping his clothes labeled and was always happy to stop and say hi. I have nothing negative to say about this facility.
Bev Howland